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drew leahy

About Me

Marketing strategist

Marketing is linear and multiplicative: Successful tactics are informed by sound strategy, and sound strategy is underpinned by a proper diagnosis of the challenge ahead. Who will you target? How will you win? And what objectives will you pursue? Project example: Reclamation Room


Writer. Editor. Producer. Director. Designer. I earned my stripes in the tactical wheelhouse before moving upstream toward marketing strategy. Explore brand narratives, positioning, messaging, and creative work here.

Product marketer

The best product marketers create new categories, reposition the status quo as obsolete, and evangelize a new and better way for winning. Project example: Serials™ by PatientNectar

Brand builder

Marketing works in two ways: Short-term (tightly targeted) vs. long-term (broad reach).  Today's buyers (5% of market) vs. tomorrow's buyers (95% of market). Converting demand vs. creating demand. Sales activation vs. brand building. I've made that latter my obsession. Project example: im3 by Incredible Marketing.


Founder @ PatientNectar (side project). The culmination of almost a decade in business and marketing. Business strategy. Brand strategy. Product development. Product marketing. Pricing. Messaging. Strategic narrative. Copy. Design. Web dev. 


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