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About the project

There's a massive hole in every aesthetic practice's marketing program: Out-of-market buyers (future patients). Historically, it's been too expensive to reach and influence future patients before they enter the market. Instead, practices are forced to fight against everyone else for the last-minute attention of immediate prospects. And it's difficult and expensive. Until now. Serials™ are subscriber-only email publications that generate awareness, trust and familiarity with tomorrow's patients today. For the first time, serials™ give practices a chance to reach a bigger audience of potential buyers, and to do it before their competitors. 

The task: Go-to-market strategy. Since doctors and medical practice owners aren't sophisticated marketers, the primary focus was problem identification and demand generation. First, we needed to create awareness for a problem many never knew they had (out of market buyers). Then we had to create urgency to solve that problem. Above all, we had to differentiate serials™ from newsletters since so many practices equate email exclusively to newsletters. 


Product development. Product marketing. Positioning. Messaging. Copywriting. Branding. Design. Demand generation. Pricing. Business development partnerships. Sales.  

Client: PatientNectar/email-serials

Year: 2021

Brand, not spam.

To differentiate serials™ from newsletters, and to emphasize the unique and distinct concepts underpinning each publication, serials™ are marketed more like a Netflix Original: Distinct branding, original and descriptive names, dark backgrounds (cinematic), and dramatic key art. The primary tagline used to reposition newsletters was "Transform email from a spam channel to a brand channel."

Peeled: Total Beauty

Face to Face

Skin Skim

Body English

Diet Detox

Beauty Bible

No Sleep Club

Gourmet Beauty

Product marketing

Though most marketers will immediately identify with the need to reach and influence out-of-market buyers before they start shopping, doctors and physicians don't. After all, they spent 12 years learning how to be doctors, not business owners or marketers. To generate demand and urgency, we needed to clearly articulate the problem we're solving (reaching a bigger audience earlier than ever before) and the cost of doing nothing (long-term decline of sales and profit).

Website copy and messaging (CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW)

Webinar deep-dive (CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW)

Data and evidence (CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW)

Guest podcasts (CLICK IMAGE TO LISTEN)

Guest podcasts (CLICK IMAGE TO LISTEN)

Partner program

Since sales move slow in the aesthetic industry (especially when selling a new product for a new problem), it was critical that we lean on agency partners to do the selling for us. After all, they already had established relationships with clients who trusted them; we didn't. Instead of competing against agencies, we positioned PatientNectar as a content studio so we could work with them. And we positioned serials™ as the missing ingredient in their lineup of deliverables, one that would not only make their client's marketing more effective, but that would allow them to increase MRR and sell a new service. 

Partner program (CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW)


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